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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

First Degree Murder?

  • Sneed has learned a criminal probe launched by Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez into the shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald is expected to result in first-degree murder charges Tuesday against 37-year-old Chicago police officer [...]

    [...] will turn himself in Tuesday morning, sources tell Sneed. Accompanied by his lawyer, the disgraced officer will be processed, fingerprinted and charged before appearing at a noon bond hearing at the Leighton Criminal Courts Building, 26th and California.

    ∞The shocker: If a first-degree murder charge is placed against [the officer], it will be the first time in Chicago history an “on duty” police officer was charged with such a crime.
Looking over the ILCS, the only phrase that we can find that even comes close to passing the smell test is this:
  • 720 ILCS 5/9-1(b)(11) the murder was committed in a cold, calculated and premeditated manner pursuant to a preconceived plan, scheme or design to take a human life by unlawful means, and the conduct of the defendant created a reasonable expectation that the death of a human being would result therefrom...
And even that would be quite a hurdle to surmount.

Releasing the video now will inevitably taint the jury pool and for a First Degree Murder trial, you want everything in order, double-and-triple checked, and no surprises. Anita is in a fight for her political life at the moment. Does she have something that justifies a charge this high or is she pandering in the face of a primary challenge from the Prickwrinkle arm of the Machine?

In the meantime, get ready for an ugly holiday weekend ladies and gentlemen.


All the Answers

Once again, a professor has all of the answers. If only we'd listen to our betters:
  • Another police shooting of a young black man — this time in Chicago. Laquan McDonald was shot to death in 2014 by a Chicago police officer. The city agreed to a $5 million settlement to McDonald's family. A video of the shooting is set to be released to the public this week, and city leaders are braced for a strong public reaction.

    As usual, though, few solutions are being offered.

    It's time to consider a factor that has been ignored: the role that collective bargaining agreements play in controlling police behavior. Union contracts and civil service regulations make it difficult, and at times impossible, to dismiss bad cops.
Now why didn't we think of that?? Surrender all contractual protections to the political masters! It's so simple, we're surprised it hasn't been done before. What other pearls of wisdom will drip from this professor's lips?
  • Police unions are quite powerful. Most states compel local jurisdictions to collectively bargain with police unions, and bargaining can be wide-ranging. The unions have used bargaining to resist body cameras and GPS tracking, and collective bargaining agreements almost always provide for binding arbitration for any significant disciplinary action taken against officers — a system stacked heavily in favor of police.
Um....well, let's see. Our "union" collapsed like a tent of wet newspaper when the issue of body cameras came up. They're being tested in a couple places already and we're sure they'll be department-wide in short order. And that GPS thing - yeah, we've got that, too. The union never said a word about it because, quite frankly, it's the City's car, and they're entitled to know where it is. There isn't a leg to stand on with it. Plus the city promised...promised...that the GPS would only be used as a safety feature and not to jam officers. That lasted all of a minute, but again, it's their car.
  • Moreover, cities almost always indemnify police officers for any civil judgments against them for civil rights violations.
Oh man....if only! For a judgement like that, the city is usually forbidden by law from indemnifying an officer from punitive damages. we're covered only for actions that arise in the course of our official duties, and violating civil rights doesn't fall within any official duty of which we're aware. We're specifically trained not to violate civil rights and even sign Consent Agreement paperwork to that effect.
  • Even when officers are not covered by union contracts or arbitration, statutes, regulations and highly detailed police manuals make termination a challenge. New York City, for example, does not have binding arbitration, but the process for terminating officers is very slow and rarely used.
Really? Every one of those "highly detailed police manuals" was gone over by teams of lawyers, read thoroughly by elected representatives (haha) and signed by an executive elected official somewhere. That's the process. Now this ass is braying about the process? And binding arbitration only seems to work on way in this town - binding on the union. The city is free to appeal (at taxpayer expense) any disagreement they might have with the status quo that they negotiated.

The rest of the article goes on about how a tiny percentage of officers are responsible for a vast majority of the complaints. Really? Well welcome to reality professor. Of course, he advocates punishing the vast majority for the actions of a few. He probably is an anti-Second Amendment type using the same tiny-brained method of thinking.

How about instead, you look at the political machinations behind the scenes? See how many clouted individuals were covered for, lied for, moved through the system? See if any of these ring a bell:
  • Abbate - no one has yet explained to our satisfaction how he even got on the job, let alone kept his job given his checkered past;
  • a big name gold star, pissed hot twice, kept his exempt spot for years;
  • a still employed lieutenant, demoted at least once for running plates of females he wanted to date, stalking said females, harassing females, both on and off the job;
  • a still employed officer with a background including battery, numerous firings for egregious behaviors, and a massive payout for harassment, still hired somehow;
  • a detective lieutenant and detective commander, involved in a case for a certain politician's nephew that had files mysteriously walking out of a police station in the midst of an investigation and then suddenly reappearing years later, and the commander is suddenly the Chief of Detectives;
And that's just scraping the surface. We could come up with a dozen more incidents, and we'll bet our comments will be alive with dozens more. So how about we stop picking on duly negotiated protections and perhaps start asking why the political structure in place too often protects the bad apples for years?

Kind of like how Northwestern backed a certain professor for years and years while he suborned perjury in an attempt to empty Illinois Death Row of dozens of heinous killers with the assistance of certain media types and a distinct aversion to actually telling the truth.



  • Out since June, he’s among a growing number of ex-cons being released on parole in Illinois and trying to leave prison behind for good. In the past four years, the number of parolees in Illinois has shot up by 14 percent, to more than 28,000, according to the Illinois Department of Corrections.

    They live in communities across Illinois. (Click here to see the number of parolees by Zip code.)

    But the largest cluster by far — one of every six parolees — is, like Hilton, on the West Side, straining an area already struggling with crime and joblessness.
A 14% increase in parolees roaming about with no jobs, no purpose, no direction. Wait a minute....let's hope over to for a sec:

Damn....a 15% increase in shootings. That's damn close to the 14% increase in parolees. Someone ought to look into that.

See? We can make the numbers dance to a tune, too.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Who Controls Jesse?

People still wonder why Jesse talks when he does? Why he can be the Invisible Man when a 9-year-old is gunned down in a targeted assassination, yet all over the news when a cop shoots a kid high on PCP?

Everything you need to know about Jesse is right here in one of our favorite photographs:

That's Jesse seated at the feet of Jeff Fort. The same Jeff Fort who is listed as a co-founder of the black p stones. And why is that important?

  • Law enforcement sources have told the Tribune that the bloody conflict involves rival factions of two of Chicago's oldest gangs — the [g]angster [d]isciples and the [b]lack [p] [s]tones. Police believe the [t]error [d]ome faction of the [b]lack [p] [s]tones targeted Pierre Stokes' son because his father, a convicted felon, reputedly belongs to the [g]angster [d]isciples' [k]illa [w]ard faction.
(Sorry about all of the [small letter] corrections to the story, but we're old school that respect to those assholes)

Jesse was told to sit down, stay out of sight, and shut the fuck up about the death of Tyshawn Lee, no doubt in our mind. Wars have their casualties and the b.p.s. "nation" wanted to make sure their message was heard loud and clear. Nothing about this hit was going to be clouded by the Jesse Jackson circus.

You can bet Kass or Marin will never touch this one.


Start Growing Your Hair

March is right around the corner:
  • Plans are underway with many exciting changes coming, so save the date for St. Baldrick's 2016. This year we're going to try something new and hold it on a Saturday, March 12th. Stay tuned for more details and for how to sign up for the 2016 event very soon, and welcome our new event organizer, Brenda Valadez! Keep an eye out here, in the daily bulletin, and in your e-mail for more information in the near future. The web site for the event is not active yet but we'll get the link out soon.

    Until we find a cure!
Details next year when available.


Calls for Calm

  • Leaders in Chicago's African American community are calling for calm ahead of what could be a contentious week, as the city must release a video showing a white Chicago police officer killing an African American teen.

    Nearly 200 strong they came together Saturday to call for peace. Neither the cold nor the snowy weather was going to stop the men of Alpha Phi Alpha, an African American fraternity which counts many of the city's leaders among its ranks.

    "We want people to see the positive professional males that are in our community," said Rev. Roosevelt Watkins, Pastors United for Change.
Unlike the woman from yesterday's post, this person isn't deflecting or redirecting the question. He is rejecting the racism of low expectations and expects the "positive professional" side of his community to put their foot forward. Hopefully we see more of that in the coming days. Contrast that to Jesse, Al and their ilk.


Jesse Wants Change

  • Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling for a shake-up in the Chicago Police Department as it prepares to follow a judge’s order and release the dash-board video of a white police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times last year.
How about right after the riots?

How about this?

Rumors have him looking for a new job shortly.

Rumors are the job is here.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Copper Injured in Fire

  • Five people were injured in a fire that broke out Saturday afternoon in a bedroom on the 50th floor of the John Hancock Center, officials said.

    None of the injuries was considered serious, officials said at a late-afternoon news conference. One person was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. One of the injured was a police officer who suffered smoke inhalation.

    The cause of the fire has not been determined, officials said.
A high-rise fire has to be one of the more challenging events for CFD to respond to, but it all seemed to run smoothly from the coverage we heard/saw. Best wishes to the injured for a speedy recovery.

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Jesse Appears

  • WBBM [...] reports Rev. Jackson stood at a memorial to young people killed on the streets in the Pullman neighborhood saying he believes Laquan McDonald was murdered by [...] and that there was a cover-up and he questioned why the investigation by the state’s attorney’s office has taken over a year.
Well gee, we had no idea Jesse was such an expert on legal investigations...from the police and State's standpoint we mean. We're pretty sure he's a well known expert on all sorts of other investigations.

Someone can correct us if we're wrong, but the feds have this one now, don't they? So the State has to take a back seat to any Federal charges that might be filed. We not fans of Anita, who is a corrupt Machine politico who hates the police, but Jesse's "cover up" claim is very obviously a play to Prickwrinkle's handpicked candidate for the State's Attorney job. If the feds stumble or punt, Anita is free to file state charges.

What really stood out was this paragraph later in the article:
  • “The questions that you’re asking, is there going to be a riot, like black people are going to riot, rebel, tear up the city but did you not ask the police department about the continued shooting of young black men?” said Diane Latiker of the organizations Kids Off The Block.
NewsRadio 780 played this paragraph numerous times yesterday during their "reporting." No one bothered to check the website that shows that police have been involved in about 20 shootings this year - 7 fatal. There is no racial break down of the 2,655 shootings that didn't involve police, but black folks (and people) have been involved in 348 homicides so far this year - 80% of the Chicago total. So yeah, the police are DEFINITELY the problem here.

If we were asked this sort of question, we'd be kind of insulted that the media (Kass, Marin, Krauser, etc) think so little of the self-control of our people (and folks) that all they expect is riots and looting, but this lady's reaction kind of shows she thinks (and expects) the same thing, which is a sad commentary on the entire community.


Terror Threats

Anyone have the scoop on this?
  • About three hours ago, a male in his twenties, apparently of middle eastern descent, walked into the lobby of 024 with a bucket full of an unknown substance stating "this is a gift for your chief". When confronted by officers, he quickly exited the building while leaving the bucket just outside the front door. Officers successfully pursued the suspect who was brought back into the station. The subject stated the bucket was full of water and was a "gift". When Lt's DH and NS of 3rd watch were apprised of the situation, they were overheard saying "I would rather take the chance than cause any media backlash". Lt NS then ordered the officers to write the man parking tickets, release him, and then do an information report. No other units/agencies were notified. Said information report was to be forwarded to the FBI. The bucket of "water" was returned to the subject. Not only do I want officers to be aware such dry runs are currently happening here, I also wanted to point out the gross negligence of the two lieutenants....
Well this would certainly fall into the "un-fucking-believable" category in a normal month, but this isn't that time.

There was also this little incident a few nights ago:
  • With both the nation, and the city, on high alert, police are taking no chances on potential terrorist threats.

    Last night, there was a large police response on the Gold Coast, as officers were trying to figure out whether an incident was the real deal, a false alarm or a drunken joy ride.

    On Rush Street last night, SWAT teams descended with heavy weapons, after two people pulled up in a white van and yelled out that they were with ISIS. The suspects were described as bearded men in a white van with temporary plates. When police tried to stop them, the van sped away.

    Uniformed cops and SWAT teams buzzed the area but they never caught the suspects. Police now believe they were probably just joking around.
Sure. Joking. Everything is perfectly fine, nothing to see here. Never mind that ISIS is issuing near daily threats and bragging of their "lone wolf" soldiers. Or that the FBI confirmed that a threat exists for this weekend in a number of cities across the globe. Continue living in your little bubble.

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Odds Dropping

A chance to make it to .500 on the year, and as the injuries piled up for Denver, the point spread kept narrowing.

Da Bears currently stand as one-point underdogs. With the tiniest bit of luck and the Cutler of recent days showing up, we feel comfortable actually turning on the TV for the first time in weeks.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Return This Guy's Gun

  • John Hendricks recalls a split second between impulse and action before he took aim and shot Everardo Custodio just before midnight on April 17 after Custodio opened fire on a group in Logan Square.

    Hendricks was not charged for shooting the 23-year-old because he had a concealed carry gun license and was determined to have acted in self-defense. But he said he was questioned for hours by detectives after the shooting and, seven months later, hasn't gotten his Springfield Armory .45 back from authorities.
We get coppers's guns back to them in short order. But this guy is waiting seven months. He's way more patient than we'd ever be, especially in the face of this behavior:
  • Police have yet to return his firearm and are not returning his calls, he said.

    Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said an investigation into the gun was ongoing and that he did not know when it would be complete.

    He declined to comment on the specifics but said such investigations can include ballistic testing, trace comparison and other means of finding out if a firearm was involved in other incidents.
Yeah, that takes the first day. And computers have made so much of this pretty routine. No one thinks this guy was running around, lighting up the south side, and sticking up dope boys. Give us a fucking break. It's his gun, he did nothing wrong, return his phone calls, give him a Good Citizen certificate, maybe a box of ammo, and close the books. Stop being asshats for a political machine that doesn't love you and a 9-fingered dwarf who doesn't respect you. You serve the citizens.


More Corruption?

Oh wait, this is just same old corruption, but with some specifics known now:
  • The U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago has announced an indictment in what it describes as an ongoing investigation of the Cook County Circuit Court Clerk’s office.

    A Friday prosecutors’ statement says Sivasubramani Rajaram is accused of lying to a grand jury investigating “possible criminal violations in connection with the purchasing of jobs and promotions within” the clerk’s office.

    It says the 48-year-old Glenview man loaned $15,000 in 2014 to Goat Masters Corporation, whose president was the husband of the Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown. The following month, Rajaram was hired by the clerk’s office.
These types of indictments are usually a slam-dunk on the part of the feds - they have tape or documents or other sworn testimony to impeach a Grand Jury statement.

Do we see pressure to get a plea and more testimony? Sounds like Dorothy's days are numbered.

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So...Not for the Children?

  • Until a couple of years ago, neighbors say few people even knew about tiny Challenger Playlot Park, nestled under the thunder of the CTA Red Line tracks on the city's North Side.

    That's because the gravel dog walk surrounded by a chain-link fence isn't really what many would consider a park. It has no playground equipment. No picnic table.

    But the park has become notorious for the one thing it does have — a nearby speed camera that has quickly racked up more than $2 million in tickets. Residents describe the camera, which went live in December 2013, as a poster child for what's wrong with Mayor Rahm Emanuel's "Children's Safety Zone" program.

    "This is where they are saving children? This is a place to walk your dog," said homeowner Alissa Friedman, who received two tickets from the camera. "No one's in danger. No one is even remotely in danger."
This particular camera has been mentioned here dozens of times and in other publications. It's emblematic of the money-drive behind the camera program, not any sort of "safety." In fact, the most dangerous intersections or stretches of surface street don't seem to have any cameras at all:
  • The 25 cameras that generate the most tickets in the city are all park cameras, and all are placed on well-traveled major streets where crash data show child pedestrians are least likely to be struck by speeders.
Imagine that - it isn't for the children at all:
  • An examination of crash data shows that no children have been hit by speeding cars along the stretch of Irving Park Road near Challenger Park since at least 2004, even though some have been injured on the residential interior streets nearby.
In fact, we've heard that all of the most dangerous stretches of road have not even a single camera. Children (and pedestrians) get hit mostly on interior streets where their guard is down and drivers are coming off a busy street. You get the occasional Lake Shore Drive fatality, but there isn't supposed to be foot traffic there anyway.

Just so we're clear, the cameras are a money grab, and if the media had done their job when this crap started, mapping out where cameras got placed, where the casualties piled up, where the accidents were (you know, like investigative reporting used to be), instead of just re-posting Shortshanks and Emanuel press releases, then they would have fulfilled their purpose of keeping the electorate informed and politicians semi-accountable.


Slum Times Smears ISP

  • William O’Neil sat at the back of traffic court in Joliet on Thursday, glaring at the Illinois State Police trooper who wrote his son a $1,500 ticket for speeding.

    On Sept. 27, O’Neil was suffering from his second heart attack in four years. His son was racing him from their home in Lemont to a hospital in Downers Grove when the trooper pulled them over. O’Neil still can’t understand why the trooper didn’t let them keep driving to Good Samaritan Hospital, where he was previously treated.
Um, because you were speeding? Doing 82 in a 55?
  • Instead, the trooper called an ambulance that took O’Neil to another hospital. A video obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times shows the trooper repeatedly suggested that O’Neil was faking a heart attack.
Because no one has ever told a cop a teeny-tiny-little-lie to get out of a ticket, right? And the trooper called an ambulance? For someone claiming medical distress? God forbid!
  • After the ambulance left, the trooper handed O’Neil’s son the ticket and told him to slow down. “I’m still angry,” O’Neil said after a hearing for his son, Michael O’Neil, in the Will County courthouse. In a deal that Michael O’Neil made with the prosecutor, his fine was reduced from $1,500 to $175 for driving 82 mph in a 55 mph speed zone. That gave his father some relief.

    “Common sense prevailed with the justice system,” William O’Neil said. “But the state police did not address that fact that this trooper’s attitude was terrible.”
Yeah, protecting everyone else from someone doing nearly 30 MPH over the limit - who does that trooper think he is? Enforcing the laws passed by the State of Illinois. The nerve!
  • Even though O’Neil remains outraged about the traffic stop on Interstate 355, the state police have said the trooper did nothing wrong. Troopers are discouraged from escorting civilian vehicles in medical emergencies. People in O’Neil’s situation are encouraged to call 911, according to the state police. The trooper was correct to call for an ambulance, a state police spokesman said. And the standard practice is for fire and emergency services to take a patient to the nearest hospital.
Dear god, when does it end for these poor put-upon people?
  • The Sun-Times obtained a video of the traffic stop through a public records request. There was a dashboard camera in the trooper’s car, and he wore a microphone.

    [...] William O’Neil, sitting in the passenger seat, apparently tells the trooper he’s having a heart attack, although what he says is inaudible. The trooper immediately asks O’Neil if he wants an ambulance.

    “No, no, we’re just going to Good Samaritan,” O’Neil says, adding, “I mean, we can get there much faster than an ambulance.” A few minutes later, the trooper asks, “Why didn’t you guys just go to Silver Cross?” That hospital in New Lenox is closer to O’Neil’s home than Good Samaritan. “I’m a patient at Good Samaritan,” O’Neil responds. The trooper calls for an ambulance, saying, “One of the passengers is having chest pain.”

    O’Neil asks whether his son is going to receive a ticket and the trooper says, “Yeah, he was going 82 in a 55.” “I can’t believe you’re giving him a ticket for this!” O’Neil says. About five minutes after the stop, O’Neil gets out of the car, slowly pacing. “You want to stay somewhere, you know, if you fall over?” the trooper says and asks O’Neil to stand behind his Buick. A minute later, the trooper says, “You don’t look like you’re having a heart attack to me.”
Damn, why didn't the trooper rely on his extensive medical training? Everyone KNOWS that people having heart attacks get out of cars, wander around the highway, spout off about cops doing their jobs, wave their arms around etc. It's obvious to us even now that the trooper was probably trying to deliberately kill this man, not allowing his son to fly through traffic at speeds an ambulance couldn't hope to reach, endangering everyone he nearly made contact with, swerving, weaving. Didn't the trooper discover that sonny boy had a cardiac defibrillator installed in the center console? Dear old Dad was probably about to shock himself when the trooper stopped them.
  • William O’Neil was treated for his heart attack and underwent surgery the next day. He received a stent to fix a blockage in an artery, hospital records show. On Thursday, the 60-year-old purchasing manager said he’s feeling much better.

    “But I’d still like to know where his head was,” he said of the trooper.
Protecting people from your self-absorbed, "I'm the only one who matters," ignorant ass.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Expect Better

You'd think a judge would have some clue about tainting a potential jury pool, but then you remember, it's Cook County, and the judges are morons...or crooked...or crooked morons:
  • The fatal shooting of African-American teenager Laquan McDonald by a white Chicago police officer garnered scant attention when it happened in October 2014, even though it occurred in the midst of a national outcry over the questionable killings of minority suspects.

    It wasn't until the city's unusual decision in April to approve a $5 million settlement for McDonald's family that details began to surface of a disturbing video that allegedly shows the officer firing 16 rounds into McDonald's body, many as he lay prone on the ground.

    Now, as a federal criminal probe of the incident continues, the final, violent moments of McDonald's life are poised to finally be broadcast around the world.

    In a packed Daley Center courtroom Thursday, a Cook County judge ordered the release of the police dashboard cam video by Wednesday, saying in an 18-page ruling that lawyers for the city had failed to prove that making the recording public would jeopardize any ongoing investigation.
The city, of course, collapsed and suspended their appeal.

A judge shouldn't be worried about an investigation. A judge should be worried about a trial, a fair trial, a trial that will stand up to appeals and more appeals. A just trial with no reversible error.

In the meantime, we have John Kass and Carol Marin among others saying the city is a tinderbox, waiting to explode and riots are just around the corner when the public finally gets to look at this video.

We're going to be contrary and say to those who have such low expectations of the minority citizens of our fair city, "For shame! They will not riot at the sight of this video. Community leaders will not allow this to spiral out of control. To think that this community of Chicago is so short sighted as to burn, loot and pillage in direct contrast to the peaceful sermons and healing words of Dr. King is racist and you should be ashamed to fan these flames to further your agenda. We fully expect Jesse and Jesse Jr and Louis and Phleger to peacefully march, to allow the system to work, to pray and ensure that a thorough investigation is allowed to continue to its logical and unerring conclusion. Again, shame on all of you naysayers."

Let's see if that works.


You Don't Say?

  • Two and a half months after the remains of a 2-year-old boy were found in Garfield Park Lagoon, Chicago police say they have been unable to make progress in the case because the couple who last took care of the child are refusing to cooperate.

    "We have tried numerous times to contact these people so we can talk to them and have them help us in this investigation," Chicago Chief of Detectives Dean Andrews told reporters Thursday in an update on the investigation into the murder of Kyrian Knox, whose remains were discovered in the lagoon Labor Day weekend. "... As you can imagine, it's extremely frustrating because they are critical to this investigation."

    In a rare move, officials released the names of the witnesses to the media, identifying the couple as Kamel Harris and Danyelle Foggs. Harris is the father of a friend of the boy's mother, Lanisha Knox, 24.

    At a news conference at police headquarters, officials would not call the couple suspects in Kyrian's death.
Okay. These are the same people who took momma's calls for weeks and let her "talk" to Kyrian. Momma said Kyrian wouldn't talk, but she knew he was listening. We're going to say Kyrian wouldn't talk because he was chopped up, in a bag in Garfield Park Lagoon.

We'll even bet next week's Bears winnings (possibly up to 500 toothpicks), that the non-suspects have been talking with a lawyer, hence their non-cooperative state.

Suspects? You think?


Dangerous Immigrants

  • America’s top spy said Wednesday that U.S. intelligence officials have a “huge concern” about Islamic State’s ability to infiltrate waves of Syrian war refugees flowing into Europe and potentially the United States as pressure mounts on Western nations to take in a growing number of people fleeing the conflict in the heart of the Middle East.

    “As they descend on Europe, one of the obvious issues that we worry about, and in turn as we bring refugees into this country, is exactly what’s their background?” Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper said. “We don’t obviously put it past the likes of ISIL to infiltrate operatives among these refugees.”

    “That is a huge concern of ours,” Mr. Clapper said during a rare and unusually informal public appearance at an annual U.S. intelligence community conference that kicked off Wednesday morning in Washington.
That's the Director of National Intelligence - the big cheese himself - a man put into place by Sparklefarts and tasked with the safety of the nation...until his assessment runs counter to the popular meme of the day that we have to throw open the borders, admit all comers regardless of reason, history or potential danger.

Then it must not be such a "huge concern."


This Sounds Delightful

Yeah, it's an interview with a purported gang member. Yeah, it's L.A. and it's from this past summer. But a possible second coming of the "crack wars"?
  • It’s a struggle out here every day in the city. All the homeboys are using crystal. Blood, Crip, it doesn’t matter. They are all going crazy on crystal. It’s the new big thing in LA. They call it G-Unit or Go Fast. Everybody is smoking it or snorting it. You go to the Black communities and you’ll be surprised. It’s super abundant. It’s badass as a muthafucka and it’s fucking South Central LA up real bad right now.

    I got a lot of homeboys and homegirls that graduated from Ecstasy to straight meth. A lot of them are using meth, and they really tweaking off that shit right now. They are using it for partying, everyday activities, sex. I had a homeboy that died of it. He was using it and drinking and doing PCP and he fucked his heart up.

    This shit is rabid in LA. It’s the second coming of crack for real. It’s worse than crack. Because on crack you can smoke for a few years and bounce back, but with crystal you smoke it and you are gone — no teeth, you lose all your weight, it’s a bunch of zombies out here. They are selling it for $3,200 a pound. Young dudes are getting rich off it. It’s the No. 1 scene they are pushing. They stopped the bomb powder. We got our own weed, it’s damn near legal out here. The only thing the Mexicans got to push is this and they pushing it hard.
Anyone from L.A. reading?

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pointless Nonsense

Everything else must be solved, so the City Council works on this?
  • The City Council voted to pass a resolution Wednesday that establishes Chicago as a "sanctuary city" and challenges Gov. Bruce Rauner's authority to temporarily suspend acceptance of Syrian refugees in Illinois following the deadly terror attacks in Paris.
North Carolina had to actually pass a law telling their liberal bastions that "sanctuary" policies that ran counter to State and Federal law were...get this...illegal. And San Francisco just voted out their sanctuary sheriff who decided he didn't have to notify the feds about an ICE "hold" and released a multiple-times-deported illegal who murdered a woman walking with her father.

The City Council has time for this crap, but nothing about maybe looking into where billions in pension payments went, nor hiring a new Inspector General to keep their baser instincts in line? Or why Rahm's cameras have managed to issue millions in bad tickets:
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel's speed camera program improperly issued more than $2.4 million in fines to Chicago drivers, ticketing them when cameras were supposed to be off and when the required warning signs were confusing, obscured or missing, a Tribune investigation has found.

    At the same time, City Hall has systematically ticketed drivers near schools without the legally required evidence of a schoolchild in sight. A Tribune random-sample analysis puts the number of those questionable tickets at about 110,000.
But hey, let's pass "symbolic" resolutions lest some poor Syrian who hasn't undergone an adequate background check be denied the chance to come to America without waiting in line like everyone else. It's isn't like they're sneaking over the border or anything:
  • Two federal agents operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are claiming that eight Syrian illegal aliens attempted to enter Texas from Mexico in the Laredo Sector. The federal agents spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity, however, a local president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) confirmed that Laredo Border Patrol agents have been officially contacting the organization with concerns over reports from other federal agents about Syrians illegally entering the country in the Laredo Sector. The reports have caused a stir among the sector’s Border Patrol agents.
Once again, proving the priority of democrats isn't Americans, locally or federally.


McCompStat's Idea Comes True

  • A west suburban man was sentenced to 16 years in prison Wednesday for selling at least 80 guns to people he knew were Chicago gang members, officials said.

    Walter Freeman, 36, of Lisle, was sentenced after he was found guilty of selling revolvers and semi-automatic weapons to gang members, according to a statement from U.S. Department of Justice.

    According to the plea agreement, Freeman traded crack cocaine to a co-defendant, Timothy Vana, 54, of Forest Park, for the guns. He also admitted to selling about 7 grams of crack cocaine per week from 2008-2013, prosecutors said.
A plea agreement for 16 years - that's amazing for Illinois, but it was Federal Court. You send these guys away for two decades and you'll see straw buying drop off to levels never before experienced.


Prickwrinkle's Budget Passes

  • Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle's $4.5 billion budget won approval Wednesday, and people who shop, stay in hotels and file lawsuits will be paying more next year.

    Overall county spending is expected to increase by about $500 million under a budget commissioners approved 12-5. The spending plan depends on a penny-on-the-dollar sales tax increase, a new 1 percent tax on hotels and $20 in additional fees for each lawsuit filed.

    Preckwinkle's budget also includes a 20-cents-per-milliliter tax on the liquids that fuel electronic cigarettes and a bullet tax that ranges from 1 cent to 5 cents per round, depending on the type of ammunition.
Can't wait to leave this over-taxed under-served hell hole.

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100 Days?

  • A Stroger Hospital executive who was driving home drunk from an office Christmas party in 2013 was sentenced to 100 days in prison Tuesday for striking and killing an aspiring chef who was biking home from work.

    During an emotional hearing, Robert Vais, the hospital's director of cost reimbursement, tearfully apologized for the death of Hector Avalos, 28, who had served five years in the Marines.
Time off for good behavior, anything he's been credited for and he's home after missing all the shoveling he might have had to do this winter. Must be nice to be connected.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Shit Just Got Real

  • CHICAGO — FBI agents seized a trove of investigative documents, computers and files from legislative inspector general Faisal Khan’s office on Friday, its last day overseeing Chicago elected officials.

    “We received a subpoena of the FBI to take custody of our files and our computers with the understanding [that] we are working with them on a number of investigations,” Khan told POLITICO on Sunday. “In order to protect the integrity of these cases, we had to take the extraordinary step to make sure they don’t end up in the wrong hands.”

    Khan said some of the officials he investigated were “devoid of ethical morals and values.”
Well, no shit Sherlock....they're aldercreatures.

This would be a brilliant last "F#$% You" to the City Council if it pans out with a few indictments. In any event, there are more than a few aldercreatures walking around like they're trying not to drop a potato chip clenched in their backsides.


Sobering Statistic

From a reader - we cannot independently verify the stats, but we certainly think it deserves some looking into:
  • Cook County Sheriff officer commits suicide after shooting girlfriend and her father. This is the 5th officer suicide in Tom Dart's office just in the past year. Suicide rate in the Cook County Sheriffs office is 52 times higher the national average of other law enforcement agencies according to recent report.. When is Sheriff Dart going to demand mental healthcare for his officers, not just the inmates.

    Cook County Sheriff office has the highest officer suicide rate of any police agency in the entire country. Officer suicides linked to on the job harassment claims.

    High Ranking Source in the Cook County Sheriff office says Sheriff Tom Dart has good reason he refuses to release the statistics on officer suicides on his office The numbers are quite shocking compared to the national average... The Cook County Deputy Division has a suicide of 1 per 95 officers since 2007, while the national average is 18.1 per 100,000 officers. In simplistic terms, the Cook County Deputy Division has a suicide rate 52 times higher than the national average of police agencies.
Any suicide is too many. Even the fine work done by the Chaplains and the Employee Assistance Program people, CPD suffers a number of suicides every year. With the holiday season approaching, we worry about hearing someone harmed themselves. Does County have this type of program in place? Five suicides in a single calendar year would seem indicative of a larger problem and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


Whoa Whoa Whoa....

  • Dozens of school districts in Ohio now allow teachers who have conceal-carry permits to pack heat on the job.

    In several cases, boards of education have been pressed into adopting the policy by parents concerned about school shootings in the wake of the 2012 shooting at a school in Newtown, Conn. While an exact number of Buckeye State districts now allowing teachers to have guns in the classroom is not known, there are at least 40, according to Joe Eaton, director of, a program affiliated with the Buckeye Firearms Foundation which sponsors training for teachers from the school districts.

    “The sad thing is that time is these situations in the most important factor,” Eaton said, “and waiting for outside help is just not a viable solution anymore.”
Wait, you mean that tag line we've had on the right hand side about, "When seconds count, the Police are only minutes away" is an accurate reflection of reality? Who would have thought that? Besides someone with a brain we mean.
  • “Safety of our kids should not be a controversial issue. This is not about guns,” Jim Irvine, also with and the Buckeye Firearms Foundation, said. “For nearly 60 years, not one student has died from a fire. That is due to a redundant, overlapping approach to safety.

    “We should be copying that same method for incidents of violence in our schools," Irvine added. "You need something that is effective. Show us another method and we would invest in it.”
And here's something amazing we discovered - this can apply across all sorts of situations.
  • A shooter in a theater;
  • A shooter on a military base;
  • A shooter in a concert venue;
  • A shooter in a stadium
You know, this could actually catch on.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How Did We Miss This?

  • A report from the City Council Office of the Legislative Inspector General concludes that 29 aldermen took in a total of $282,000 in illegal campaign donations in 2013. The donations, ranging anywhere from $500 to in excess of $50,000, were found to have violated the city’s ethics ordinance, according to Legislative Inspector General Faisal Khan.

    The ordinance limits aldermen from receiving campaign contributions in excess of $1,500 from "persons who have done business with the City or its sister agencies within the previous four years, persons who are seeking to do business with the city or its sister agencies, and lobbyists."

    The ordinance defines “doing business,” as receiving more than $10,000 in a calendar year from the city. The L.I.G.’s office would not say who the aldermen were, but assistant Legislative Inspector General Michael Graham told "Chicago Tonight" that the office found “four aldermen that had $50,000 or more in questionable contributions.”
We're surprised it's "only" $282,000. He must have missed a few a zeros at the end of the total there - but aldercreatures have been stealing for years and Khan has only been inspecting for a little while.


As Predicted

  • Linda Sabor says Obamacare was a godsend. As the health care law enters its third year, her faith is starting to waver.

    Last month, her insurance company gave the 59-year-old Palatine resident some bad news. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois canceled the health plan that she and her husband have had the past two years. The company offered a plan for next year that has a similar network and benefits that would cost $1,142.24 a month, $325 more than their current monthly premium.

    "We can't afford $1,142 a month," Sabor said. "Our income isn't going up $300 a month."

    Illinois residents are dealing with hefty inflation when they log on to for the Affordable Care Act's third open enrollment season, which began Nov. 1. Some health care consumers are seeing rate increases of 40 percent or more. Rate increases for the lowest-cost plans in the majority of counties are in the 15 to 20 percent range, according to the Illinois Department of Insurance.
More than half of the state exchanges have gone bankrupt and folded already, which everyone who could count knew was going to happen. But hey, when your policies are funded by fantasy dollars and unicorn farts, anything is possible - including doubling the national debt in less than four years.


Who Are These People? UPDATE

The Chicago Police Foundation?

Here's the Google cache page. A whole lot of names and faces we don't recognize. And it seems they're using the lobby of Police HQ....sorry, the Public Safety Headquarters Building.....for some sort of party. There also appears to be alcohol served on the grounds and a tent set up in the lot.

UPDATE: The Chicago Police Foundation is not and should not be confused with the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

The two are separate and we've deleted a few comments that confused the two.

Supposedly Cline is pissed off that the names are so similar.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Well This is a Switcheroo

From State Police to Sergeant-at-Arms for the US Senate to protector of weed:
  • For much of his 46-year career in law enforcement, Terrance W. Gainer viewed marijuana as a substance to be confiscated and its sellers as criminals to be investigated and arrested.

    He is now security chief for one of the nation’s leading medical-marijuana growers, tasked with, among other things, protecting a 20-acre site in Western Maryland that could become home to one of the state’s first cannabis-growing operations.

    The new job, the former officer says, has required something of an attitude adjustment.
And of course, a taste for a lot of money.


Rahm Turns Down Windfall

One of those stories that pops up in the comment section from time to time that catches our interest, especially where city dollars are concerned:
  • The next time you hear Mayor Rahm Emanuel talk about the city’s financial problems, remember the deal he just turned down.

    In response to a suggestion here Thursday that could have netted City Colleges of Chicago a cool $474 million by auctioning off the license of its little-watched public television station, the mayor flatly rejected the idea — for all the wrong reasons.

    The potential windfall is being dangled by the Federal Communications Commission, which seeks to entice broadcasters to turn over spectrum space to mobile wireless providers through a voluntary “reverse auction” early next year. According to the FCC, opening bid price for City Colleges of Chicago’s WYCC-Channel 20 would be $474,185,700.

    Even if the actual sale price were a fraction of that, the result would still be a massive infusion of cash for the city’s financially-strapped public college system. There’s no telling whether such an offer will ever come along again.
And as Feder points out, Rahm is turning down nearly half-a-billion for all the wrong reasons:
  • Emanuel seems to think that City Colleges students who work in the Englewood studios and control rooms of WYCC wouldn’t get that hands-on experience if the station didn’t own a broadcast transmitter.

    That’s simply not true.

    The same programming produced by the station’s full-time staff of 37 (with an annual budget of $5.2 million) could be shifted to online streaming or moved to a public-access cable channel controlled by the city. What the mayor calls the “tremendous educational opportunity” would remain intact without using a broadcast signal that reaches a pitifully tiny audience anyway (2,200 viewers in an average quarter-hour, according to Nielsen).
That half-a-billion could fund almost two additional Malcolm Ten colleges....or make a significant dent in some outstanding pension payments coming due. And Rahm could use some of his business contacts and have the "communications majors" intern for free at any one of the media outlets around town.


Mobs and Casinos?

This story is from this past May, but who would have thought this could happen here???
  • Prompted by questions from the Better Government Association, the Illinois Gaming Board has launched an investigation into Rivers Casino over its relationship with a Chicago company whose president has had ties to reputed mob figures.

    Rivers, the state’s newest and most lucrative casino, has been using United Service Cos. for "deep cleaning" to its kitchens since the Des Plaines gaming site opened in 2011 after besting applicants from Waukegan and Rosemont for a coveted gaming license, the BGA found.

    Rivers, owned by a venture whose chairman is billionaire real estate magnate Neil Bluhm, also hired United Service’s security division to provide guards just before the casino opened, according to interviews.

    The president of United Service is Richard "Rick" Simon, a former Chicago police officer who over the years has had business and personal connections to reputed mob figures, according to public records, news accounts and interviews. Simon said in an interview he’s an upstanding businessman unfairly portrayed in past media reports.
This would be the same Rick Simon who has a boat? A boat frequented by a certain high-ranking police official? A police official.....well, never mind. Nothing to see here.


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