Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Welcome Ebola Virus!

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed on Tuesday that a patient being treated at a Dallas hospital has tested positive for Ebola, the first case diagnosed in the United States.

    The patient left Liberia on September 19 and arrived in the United States on September 20, CDC director, Dr. Tom Frieden told reporters at a press conference Tuesday. It’s the first patient to be diagnosed with this particular strain of Ebola outside of Africa.

    “[The patient] had no symptoms when departing Liberia or entering this country. But four or five days later on the 24th of September, he began to develop symptoms,” said Frieden. anyone? Garry - you want to chime in on this?


Up To Strength? Hardly

The CrimeInBoystown blog has been hammering the crap out of Rahm and Garry over manpower issues. Here's a look at some of it:
  • Two guys were peeking into Boystown yards early Saturday morning. A cop was dispatched an hour later.

    A drunk reportedly climbed behind the wheel of a car around the same time. A cop was dispatched 70 minutes later.

    Welcome to the world of RAPs and the incredible effort to deny that they have an impact on police service.

    Frequent CWB readers are probably familiar with the term RAP. It stands for "Radio Assignments Pending," an official term used by the Chicago Police Department and their dispatchers to designate periods of time when police districts have no cars available to handle incoming 911 calls.

    When all officers are tied up on assignments, districts go "into a RAP" and new calls for help stack up and wait for an officer to become available.

    So far this weekend, our district has been in RAP status at least four times for periods lasting from just over an hour to more than three hours.
They've also been covering the outbreak of arsons that have been occurring all over the northside long before the Department came out with a community alert the other day. And more troubling, a 45-minute wait for an ambulance recently experienced by some traffic accident victims, a Fire Department shortage that doesn't receive enough coverage.


Gun Laws Impact Poor...and Minorities

You'll never see this reported by a local outlet - you have to go to Washington DC:
  • Within Cook County, the top five concealed carry ZIP codes per capita are all predominately white, middle class and are in areas that have low crime rates. However, the most violent neighborhoods within the county — all of which are on the South Side of Chicago — are predominately black, where residents earn less than $48,000 annually and hold the fewest concealed carry licenses as a percentage of the population.

    If the same data trends occurred in banking and insurance, there might be outcries of “redlining,” denying a group of people access to goods or services because of the color of their skin or income levels. But there’s little public concern expressed so far about the possibility that poor blacks are being disenfranchised from the right to carry a concealed weapon.

    “You really need to ask whether or not politicians are consciously trying to disarm certain groups of people,” said Dr. John Lott, a Second Amendment expert and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center. “Why do they want a law that primarily disarms blacks and gives guns to only well-to-do whites? Don’t they think it should be equal for everyone to protect their lives?”

    Illinois residents say the disproportionate statistics all boil down to cost. Of right-to-carry states, Illinois has the highest registration and training fee, costing an applicant about $650 on average for fingerprinting, taxes and logistics — excluding the price of the gun.
Those who most reliably vote for democrats are those most disadvantaged by democrat policies.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cop Injured in Rollover

North side:
  • A Chicago police officer was injured when her police car flipped over on the North Side Monday afternoon.

    The accident happened about 1:20 p.m. at the intersection of Montrose and Ashland avenues, according to Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford.

    The officer was pinned in and paramedics got her out, said Langford.

    Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer Jose Estrada said the officer was taken in serious condition to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.
This is the vehicle (picture via the Tribune):

A speedy recovery wished to the injured officer.


How to Spin the Data shows everyone how it's done:
  • Hey SCC - Since the honor students wouldn't stop shooting on a school night, it took a little longer than usual to compile the final numbers.

    Weekend: 8 killed (5 shot, 3 stabbed), 44 wounded
    Last year: 1 killed, 15 wounded

    September now stands at 42 killed and 197 wounded. Last September tallied 42 killed (inc 2 PO involved) and 154 wounded.

    Expect the month end press release to focus on year to date homicide numbers and to ignore September and the increase in shootings.

    Illustrating Chicago Crime, Murder and Mayhem at
That's quite an increase over last year's same timeframe - 800% in killings and nearly 300% in maimings. And there's still a full 24 hours to go in September and Englewood has been on fire since Friday. CompStat is going to be amusing this week.


Let's Burn the Money!

Here comes once of the stupidest ideas ever - we covered it a few months ago, but the City is still going through with it:
  • In the beginning was the notebook, and the notebook was filled with dreams, and those dreams, against all sorts of odds and in the face of red tape, carping, money-hunting and alterations, will come to fruition Saturday with an event that will become either an annual enrichment of our lives or an expensive one-time-only experiment in bread and circuses.

    It is called the Great Chicago Fire Festival, and it is the doing of Redmoon Theater and the city of Chicago, supported by $350,000 from city coffers and more than $1.5 million from the wallets of a couple of dozen sponsors and donors such as the Pritzker Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Allstate, WMAQ-Ch. 5, Boeing, the Chicago Fire soccer team and Wendella Boats.

    That's a lot of money, and there are some who would tell you that there are better uses for it: public schools, potholes, more police officers … the list is long.
If private citizens and their foundations want to spend money on this crap, more power to them. If publicly held companies feel like blowing through their bottom line, they answer to stockholders. But $350,000 in taxpayer cash? For this debacle? And calling it "art?"
  • So, judge for yourself Saturday. It all starts at 3 p.m. with a bazaar along the riverfront featuring crafts, food and entertainment from some of Redmoon's neighborhood partners. At 8 p.m. the real action begins, as "fire caldrons" will be lowered from bridges onto boats waiting below in a river filled with kayakers pulling flaming buoys and prairie gardens. The boats will take the fire to three floating sculptures meant to evoke 1871 homes. These will be set ablaze, burning to reveal symbolic interiors. It all will take place on the water between the State Street and Columbus Drive bridges, and will involve a couple of hundred performers, singers and volunteers. It will culminate with a fireworks display. It's all free.
It ain't free - it's $2 million being lit on fire - $350,000 of it belonging to taxpayers, and Rahm still has a lot of bills coming due soon.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Just What You Want The Tourists To See

  • Two drunken men got “superficial” cuts after fighting each other Saturday night near Buckingham Fountain in the Loop, police said.

    The incident happened around 10:15 p.m. in the 500 block of South Columbus Drive, according to Chicago Police Department's Office of News Affairs.

    The men, whose ages were not immediately available, were both intoxicated, police said. One of the men refused medical attention, and the second man walked away from the incident.

    Both did not file a police report, and no one was taken into custody as a result, police said.
Be sure to tell all your friends that you saw a gen-u-ine Chicago knife-fight!


3 Killed, 30 Wounded, 55 Embarrassed

  • Three men were killed and at least 30 other people have been wounded in shootings across the city since 2 p.m. Friday.

    The most recent fatal shooting happened about 6:15 a.m. Saturday in the Back of the Yards neighborhood.
And the Bears got pasted by Green Bay.

UPDATE: Now it's listed as 5 dead and 43 wounded.

And the Sun Times isn't counting the double homicide by knife up north - only shootings make the weekend totals evidently.

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At Least We Aren't Miami

  • A shooting sent terrified patrons scrambling from a Miami nightclub early Sunday and left 15 people wounded, including an 11-year-old child, authorities said.

    When Miami police and rescue crews arrived at a club called The Spot around 1 a.m., they said they found chaos among the large throng of adults and teenagers gathered there. Rescuers found wounded people inside and outside the club, some too hurt to flee, Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll said.

    [...] One male was found unresponsive and not breathing when emergency responders arrived. Five girls between 11 and 17 years old also suffered gunshot wounds, Carroll said.
A nightclub for 11-year-olds? That might raise some eyebrows in Chicago...maybe...probably only for a second and only for the first time. After that, it'd be accepted as normal as everything else that happens around here.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Da Bears

Packers. Bears. Noon.

Packers favored by 1.5 and an over/under of 51.


Cops for Public Office

Someone said there are a number of cops (and firefighters) running for city office this election.

Who are they and which office are they running for? Might as well drum up some support for them here - anything they do will probably be a step up from what exists at the moment.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

CompStat Returns

This past Monday, we mentioned that the evidence seemed to be mounting of a McJersey exit in the offing. Included among the "clues" was the complete lack of a CompStat meeting for a month during a stretch of shootings and homicides that boosted numbers across the board.

Guess what they had this past Thursday? A CompStat meeting! Area Central got their butts dragged through the wringer.

Can they do it two weeks in a row though?


Did You Vote Yet?

What are you waiting for?

In the meantime, someone or many someones are trying to post multiple comments about how "preliminary vote totals" show an overwhelming YES vote taking place.

Bullshit. If you've attended and observed multiple contract votes, it goes something like this:
  • You vote, you seal your vote in a Secrecy Envelope, you mail it in the included envelope. You do not mark the either envelope or deface it in any way - this may void your ballot.
  • The ballots are collected at a PO Box or a firm that specializes in elections. They are held there until the counting day.
  • In recent years, the Lodge has allowed in-person voting the morning of the count. There is a process in place to ensure you aren't able to double vote - probably scanning the bar codes on the secrecy envelopes (hence the "don't mark anything" rule).
  • The company running the election brings the ballots and machines to the Hall. The envelopes are counted and oriented. A machine counts and slices the tops of the envelopes and the secrecy ballots are extracted and scanned. Hopefully, this eliminates the ineligible voters (sergeants, retirees, etc). These envelopes are then sliced open by machine, the ballots are stacked and counted by machine in view of any interested parties.
The whole process takes a few hours. No pizza is provided but sometimes the bar is open for refreshments. It's all rather boring.

PLEASE NOTE: This may not be the exact process - thing have progressed since we observed our first vote counting - modern methods and all that. But it's close enough to get the idea.


Not Terrorist Acts

  • Brian Howard, 36, of Naperville has been charged with one count of Destruction of Aircraft or Aircraft Facilities after he allegedly set a fire in the basement of an Aurora FAA facility, cut the feeds to the radar and damaged the communications system, forcing a ground stop at Chicago's O'Hare and Midway international airports, ABC7 sources said.

    "This is a local issue with a contract employee," Aurora Police Chief Greg Thomas said. "There is no terrorist act."
Aside from the fact that air traffic ground to a halt in the midwest for hours, over a thousand flights were canceled, tens of thousands delayed, and it might be weeks before the Aurora facility reopens, but hey - no terrorism here!

None in Oklahoma either:
  • A fired Oklahoma food processing plant worker who had tried to convert some of his co-workers to Islam beheaded one co-worker and seriously injured another before the owner of the plant shot him, police said Friday. After he was terminated from Vaughan Foods in Moore, Alton Nolen, 30, drove to another part of the facility where he attacked Colleen Hufford, 54, police said. He used a “standard” knife to behead her, police said. He then allegedly used the same knife to repeatedly stab Traci Johnson, 43. Some co-workers told police that he had recently converted to Islam and had been trying to convert them.
No terrorism here! It's not being grown in US prisons, no sirree! Just your spontaneous all natural head-chopping.


A Crooked Senator?

  • An attorney for a Chicago man charged with illegally lobbying on behalf of the Zimbabwe government alleged in federal court today that Roland Burris, while a U.S. senator, was involved in a shakedown of a businessman seeking military contracts.

    Burris is scheduled to be a key prosecution witness at the trial beginning next week of C. Gregory Turner, who is charged with trying to persuade U.S. government officials to push for the lifting of sanctions imposed on top Zimbabwe government officials.

    The allegations against Burris were contained in court papers turned over by the government on Thursday to Turner’s legal team.

    Turner’s attorneys did not lay out specifics of the alleged shakedown in court, but one of the lawyers, James Tunick, later told reporters following the hearing this afternoon that the businessman alleged Burris offered to promote military contracts for his business in return for being paid $250,000 a year as a financial adviser once he left the Senate.

    The businessman, who lives in Illinois, made the allegations against Burris in 2012, Tunick said. According to the information turned over by prosecutors, at least one other witness corroborated the allegations, according to Tunick.
Maybe Burris can have "Federal Convict" chiseled on that mausoleum he build for himself before he dies.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Proof Rahm Lied

...and McCompStat and everyone else had a finger in selling this lie to the public:
  • No doubt, you've heard City Hall, certain aldermen, and the police department itself issue endless statements about Chicago having “more police on the beat” than when Rahm Emanuel took office in 2011.

    Well, that's not true and the police department’s own documents prove it.

You can click on the map for a larger version. Or read the original article and map over at the Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown blog here.


Retirees Sue

  • Chicago’s 28,000 retired city workers and their dependents are asking a federal judge to block Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to save $27 million in 2015 by raising monthly health insurance premiums by anywhere from 30 percent to 79 percent.

    Arguing that the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision to preserve health benefits for state retirees “substantially increased” their chances of prevailing on the merits, retirees want to compel the city to roll back monthly payments to 2013 levels.

    That’s when Emanuel announced plans to save $108.7 million a year by phasing out the city's 55 percent subsidy for retiree health care and forcing retirees to make the switch to Obamacare.
Remember - D E M O C R A T S are voting to fuck you right now or are actually doing the screwing as we speak. This is your future retirement - nearly 80% increases to your healthcare, a constant diminishment of benefits and court battles so you don't end up on the street.


Giant Fire

  • No one was seriously injured in a massive fire at commercial building in Lawndale that sent heavy plumes of black smoke over the Eisenhower Expressway just before the afternoon rush, Chicago fire officials said.

    Huge flames shot out of the roof, where the fire is believed to have begun around 3:30 p.m., CFD spokesman Larry Langford said. Chicago Fire Department spokesperson Will Knight says the cause of the first is under investigation, but no foul play is suspected.
Firebug on the west side? Or urban renewal by flames? No firefighters hurt, so there's that good news. Another giant vacant lot born in a Ward full of vacant lots, so there's that, too.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hey Media? Want a Scoop?

Did you know that Rahm/Garry stopped manning the Safe Passage routes with HQ police officers over a week ago?

It's true!

It's also true that someone then got shot on a Safe Passage route....a student....the first casualty ever on a Safe Passage route that wasn't covered. Look it up - maybe check out the HeyJackasss site for a clue where it was.

The obvious conclusion is that Rahm hates African-American children.


Imagine, If You Will....

Play along for a minute. We have no idea if this could happen, but going over the comments as we do every day, we began to formulate a scenario. Someone far smarter than we are might tell us if this is a possibility:
  • The Contract passes;
  • the city decides (along with Springfield) to raise the pension contribution from 9+% to 12%
  • the FOP exercises the clause in the Contract to request reopening of the wage schedule;
  • the city, of course, says "No." 
Does anyone think that the city would even think of saying yes? Please report to Random Drug immediately. Continuing:
  • the Lodge files for arbitration or whatever;
  • the city lawyers turn to Springfield with the argument that as the FOP has exercised a Contractual Clause in regard to the Pension, the Pension has now ceased to be regulated by State Law and is now in the realm of a Contractual Agreement. Oops.
Plausible? Possible? Probable? Again, these are ramblings over a pizza, beer and darts. We aren't lawyers or labor negotiators. But we can smell bullshit and spot a different perspective once in a while. With a hundred-plus years of police experience and a few centuries of Chicago living under our belts, we know better than to trust the Machine to ever play fair.



A Study in Contrasts

  • (HILLSIDE) A west suburban high school was temporarily placed on lockdown Wednesday afternoon after a bullet was found on the floor of the cafeteria.

    Police initiated the precautionary lockdown at Proviso West High School at 4701 Harrison St. in Hillside about 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, according to an alert on the School District 209 website.

    A single bullet was found on the floor in the cafeteria during lunch, the alert said.

    The lockdown has been lifted as of about 4 p.m., and one juvenile is in custody for possessing ammunition, Hillside police said.

    School buses have arrived and students are being dismissed.

    The school district said during the lockdown that no students or staff members were in any danger.
Help Us!!! A single bullet was found! Won't someone think of the children??!?!?!!??

Scenario B - New Hampshire:
  • DURHAM — An upperclassman who forgot he had ammunition in his pocket caused quite a stir at Oyster River High School Thursday morning.

    According to Superintendent Dr. James Morse, the student was in a classroom when the bullets fell from his jacket pockets and onto the floor. He had been at a firing range practice shooting with his father Wednesday night, Morse said.

    The classroom teacher acted quickly and a school resource officer from the Police Department was called in, Deputy Chief Rene Kelley said.

    The resource officer worked with administrative staff from the school to determine there was no ill intent on the behalf of the student. Kelley said no charges will be brought against him.

    Morse said it is against school policy to bring ammunition onto the property, but given the nature of the case, the student will not face severe punishment.

    “It was truly just an accident,” Morse said.
Golly. An appropriate measured mature response. In neither case was a weapon actually on school grounds. In the A scenario however, the words "lockdown," "alert," and "custody" appear prominently. The B scenario is marked by "worked with staff," "no ill intent," and "accident." The B scenario also involved "multiple" rounds, not just a single bullet, but the response was still calm and controlled.

Amazing, isn't it?


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rumor - Unit Reps Didn't Vote?

This is a rumor that ought to be addressed by someone - the FOP, the Trustees, the Unit Reps, anyone who went to the meeting. Again, this is a RUMOR. We cannot confirm it but it popped up in our comment section and should be quashed immediately or addressed appropriately.

Can someone verify if this is true or not? Did something change?
  • At the general meeting Dean was asked if the Unit Rep's had voted on the agreement. He said he didn't know. Several Unit Rep's in attendance shouted out that they hadn't. I have now learned from talking to several reps that no vote was taken. Per our By-Laws(Article 5 Section 3 -page 8)the Unit Rep's are to vote on this before the Board of Director's does. That didn't happen. Also there was no quorum at the Board meeting when the directors voted on this. How could this go out for a vote?  
We looked up the By-Laws - here is the pertinent section:
  • Section 3. It shall be a duty of the Unit Representatives to review any negotiated agreement and to vote for or against the adoption of said agreement, this vote shall be advisory only to the Board of Directors to assist the Board of Directors in their decision to recommend the ratification of said collective bargaining agreement to the membership or a return of the negotiated agreement to the bargaining committee for further negotiation. 
We can imagine one scenario where this wouldn't have occurred - the Board would probably have had to vote to waive the Unit Rep review step. It's an advisory step only, but why keep it secret from the Unit Reps? These are supposed to be the go-betweens for the Board and the Officers....Unit Representatives...get it? If the Board skipped this step, there ought to be a very good reason for it. We don't recall anything in the newsletter or on the website.

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    Ballot Problems

    Quite a few popping up in the comment sections. We aren't picking on the FOP per se here, but this rush to pass a Contract only magnifies what would usually be minor errors:
    • Sergeants are getting ballots - so are retirees?
    It would seem that no one ran an actual active duty roster in the days leading up to the ballots being printed. The last sergeant class was months ago and there are guys retiring every day. You think it would be incumbent upon the FOP to have the latest list of active duty personnel to mail out ballots properly - especially for such a contentious vote. Guess not.
    • "Propaganda" included with the ballot?
    We got this complaint:
    • ...the letter included in the ballot package. It seems as though our representatives at FOP are in a "rush" to get this done and over with. Furthermore, the writer does not hide their support for this contract and even attempts to steer the members to vote yes. That is inappropriate and points should be made stating the positives and the negatives for the members to understand so that we may be able to make a informed decision.
    There's a time and a place for this - the newsletter, the website, the meetings, the district/unit visits. In the ballot mailing though? No.
    • The "propaganda" has a glaring error?
    Everything we've seen up until now has 11% as the offered monetary raise. Commentators are saying that it's listed as 14% in the ballot? And finally:
    • How come the ballots are in the mail and we are supposed to vote and the last word the FOP President said about Tier 1 and Tier 2 hospitals is "We will get the information regarding which hospital is on which list to the membership as soon as we (FOP) get it?" How do they recommend a contract for vote and neither they nor we have the complete list of Tier 1 and 2 hospitals?
    You see, you have to vote FOR the contract to see what's IN the contract. They must have learned that one from Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama. It's the new normal you know - trust them, they know what's best for you.


    More Help?

    But....we're up to strength, aren't we? That's what we keep hearing. But the sheriff has police helping out, the ISP has troopers helping out, ATF sent extra agents and now the feebs want to get in on the act:
    • Sneed has learned that the feds plan to dispatch 65 FBI agents to the streets in high-crime areas on the South and West Sides in an all-out battle against gang crime.

      The 65 feds are part of a group of 100 Chicago agents already assigned to curb gang and violent crimes.

      “This is a new tactic the FBI is using in fighting crime,” an FBI spokeswoman said, “by working in a concentrated area and a concentrated time on the street — although the FBI has been working hand in hand and day in and day out with the police department."

      A top police source tells Sneed the FBI agents, who will be working in tandem with the Chicago Police Department, will be assigned to do gang suppression missions on Thursdays and Fridays for at least the next three to four weeks.

      “It’s mind-boggling,” the top police source said. “It’s almost unheard of.”

      “I thought the mayor and the police superintendent had said they don’t need more police on the streets,” the source added.
    • Forty state troopers — dressed in plainclothes and riding alongside Chicago Police officers in unmarked Chicago Police Department vehicles — will start serving fugitive warrants Thursday, under a partnership that could last for 60 days, twice as long as originally planned.

      The troopers will be assigned to overlapping, ten-hour shifts — starting at 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. — in four high crime Chicago Police districts: Englewood, Austin, Calumet and Gresham.

      Sources said the troopers will be housed in an undisclosed suburban motel during a 30-day deployment that could double if the partnership succeeds in getting known criminals off the street.
    Great - so now we're paying to house the troopers, too? How much is that costing Illinois taxpayers? How much is being sucked out of the trooper budget for this? How many ISP squad cars could this have bought?


    Decriminalize EVERYTHING!

    We quoted McCarthy a few days ago when he complained that criminals who shouldn't even be on the street, are out committing crimes with astounding regularity. We pointed out that if there are no penalties, criminals will almost invariably re-offend.

    Guess what Rahm wants?
    • Mayor Rahm Emanuel today called on the General Assembly to decriminalize marijuana possession statewide and to reduce the penalty to a misdemeanor for those caught with 1 gram or less of any controlled substance.

      During 90 minutes of testimony before the House-Senate Joint Criminal Reform Committee in Chicago, Emanuel encouraged lawmakers to challenge the “assumptions that are embedded in the criminal justice system.” The mayor argued that reducing the penalties for minor drug possession would allow the city and state to focus their efforts on more violent crime.

      “It’s time, in my view, to free up our criminal justice system to address our real public safety challenges and build on the progress that has been made,” Emanuel said.
    Way to pander Rahm! Maybe next we could lower the threshold for Burglary - you can have one Weber BBQ Kettle and one car radio before felony charges kick in. Drop the dollar total for Theft, too. Everything becomes Theft of Lost/Mislaid Property, even if that property was "mislaid" in your locked garage.


    Tuesday, September 23, 2014

    Ballots Arriving

    The Contract ballots are arriving, which is odd, because when the FOP came to our part of town to give the contract spiel a couple weeks ago, they told us that they still had to print out the City's proposals and then go over it line-by-line to ensure that there weren't any "alterations" by the City that might affect the final product. We were assured this would take at least a couple months, which sounded about right.

    Now, the ballots are arriving and have to be back by 16 October - and the latest (or last) info meeting was just held five hours ago? A little jumping the gun there? This calls to mind a comment from a few days ago regarding the informational meetings:
    • FLOP getting pissed said...

      Dean Jr. was running his mouth and let the cat out of the bag tonight after the Northside town hall meeting. Said ballots for the vote on the contract were ready to go out last week but the labor attorneys strongly urged Dean Sr. to hold off on mailing them out after they saw how much members are ripping it to shreds on "that G-d damned blog". Also, they werent happy with how members reacted at yesterday's FOP meeting and especially after the cold reception they got tonight trying to sell this stinker of a contract. They're very nervous and scrambling because no one is buying the story they're selling us. That's why they picked the Southside location that they did. It's a small joint and won't hold too many angry coppers. Dean Jr. also got visibly angry and said how 'that fuckin' SCC is fucking things up for my Pops'.
    Again, this brings us back to the opening paragraph above - it seems like there is a big push to "get this done." Sorry, but these informational meetings should have been scheduled first thing. As soon as the Contract was ratified by the FOP Committee in fact. Waiting until the FOP meeting? Almost half the Department couldn't make a third watch meeting and the fact that it ran FOUR HOURS means First Watch couldn't stay. It also tells you that there are issues to hammer out among the membership.

    As for "that G-d damned blog" and "that fuckin' SCC [...] fucking this up for my Pops," that isn't our doing. That's a failure of leadership to sell this thing to the members. That means questions aren't getting answered to the satisfaction of those asking. This is a forum. Read everything we've written over the past two weeks. We have ventured NO opinion on the Contract. We have told NO ONE how to vote. We've highlighted a couple of questions that people posed and we felt deserved more answers. We've pointed out the perceived "rush" that many many other commentators brought to our attention. That isn't "fucking things up" - that's attempting to make the membership take an active interest in something that is going to affect them for the rest of their careers, maybe beyond.

    The president has his newsletter article up early on the FOP website. It heaps compliments on the involved parties and brags of the accomplishments contained within the agreement. Rah rah rah. We'll close with reminding everyone to vote. Keep asking questions, read the opinions here and elsewhere, talk to your co-workers, and vote.


    Read the Fine Print!

    Good stuff:

    Pedal powered for extra green-ness!


    Gulags of America

    Remember the "tolerant left"?
    • When Gawker’s Adam Weinstein wrote of his desire to imprison people who disagree with him politically, publishing an essay under the very straightforward headline “Arrest Climate-Change Deniers,” I noted that this was part of the Left’s ongoing, worrisome drift toward authoritarianism. The response was nearly unanimous: that it was unfair to tar the entire Left with the views of one knucklehead writing for Gawker, a man who should not be taken seriously writing for an outlet that should not be taken seriously. While I am sympathetic to that line of argument, the fact is that as a practical matter we do have to take all sorts of foolish and backward people and institutions seriously.

      Now that the would-be gulag warden is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., speaking to what everybody loudly assures me was a cheering throng of historic proportions, what will they say? That the world’s largest climate-change march, and those who participated in it, are insignificant? Mr. Kennedy, who has been kept out of one of New York’s Senate seats only by happy circumstance, says that he believes his opponents to be guilty of “treason” — his word — and wants them convicted of crimes — “They ought to be serving time,” he says.
    RFK Jr gave this speech just this past weekend at the Climate Change Summit in New York City. Three-hundred-thousand applauded and cheered. Jailing dissenters, people with different opinions and interpretations. How very banana-republic of him.


      Chicago Getting a Bad Rap

      • Two-thirds of Chicago-area residents would stay in the Chicagoland area, even if money were no object, according to a new poll from Charles Schwab.

        That’s despite the fact that about three-quarters of Chicagoans rate the metropolitan area as “one of the worst” in the country in terms of crime and tax rates.

        >The Charles Schwab poll, “The View from Chicago,” was conducted with a representative sample of 1,000 Chicago-area residents, ages 21-75.

        Chicagoans rated their city highest on diversity, innovation, and opportunities for young professionals. They rated the region lowest as a place to raise a family, get an education, and retire.
      More at the link.


      So What?

      • The 42-year-old Army veteran who scaled the White House fence Friday and got through the presidential residence's front doors had 800 rounds of ammunition in his car, prosecutors said in court Monday.

        Omar J. Gonzalez was ordered held without bond Monday, pending an Oct. 1 detention hearing, after prosecutors argued he was a flight risk -- he is facing felony weapons charges in Wythe County, Virginia.

        Federal prosecutor said Monday in court that Gonzalez had had a map with the White House circled during that incident.
      Dude has problems. Everyone, from his friends to his ex-wife, all verify that he has major issues related to PTSD while overseas. He needs help, and lots of it. But instead of concentrating on that aspect of it, the headline literally screams, "He Had 800 Rounds in the Car!" But he didn't drive the car into the White House. He didn't have the rounds on him while trespassing (he had a pocket knife). If you read the article, there isn't even a mention of a gun being on scene. So what's he going to do? Throw the ammo people?

      How about they get this guy some help, enforce the existing laws so he can't get a gun or ammo, maybe build the White House fence a little higher (or make a trench), get the Secret Service some caffeine and lock the front door?


      Monday, September 22, 2014

      McCarthy Out?

      Adding the evidence together and it certainly looks like he's leaving shortly:
      • Exhibit #1 - there hasn't been a CompStat meeting for a month now.
      He's in town, he's been seen here and there, he's been quoted in the paper. But his favorite pastime of belittling and humiliating the Command Staff has ceased to be for the past four weeks.
      • Exhibit #2 - Candlelight Vigil. McCarthy sat by himself and none of the regular sycophants approached him at all, instead congregating in their own little herd and studiously ignoring the Supe.
      That is very telling - not needing to impress or be noticed by the boss because he's not really in charge any more. That's very typical Chicago - the guy on the chopping block is usually the last to know. Or knows and is just going through the motions for a hefty paycheck.
      • Exhibit #3 - Election time. Rahm needs votes. Shaking things up will produce the illusion of change and Rahm can say, "Look what I'm doing!" and there are enough stupid people that will believe he's actually changing things. 
      Put all of this into the bozo-puter and we'll set the over/under for a change at the top at early November - call it Election Day when the national and state races are over and Rahm's race really begins.


      Police Limit

      Short and simple (click for larger versions):

      Something our readers have been talking about for years

      And this one just made us laugh:


      Weekend Numbers

      Only two dead, but nearly thirty wounded, in keeping with the motto of "More Lead, Less Dead:"
      • Two people have been killed and at least 29 others wounded in weekend Chicago shootings on the last weekend of summer.

        The weekend’s first homicide took place around 4:10 a.m. Saturday in the city’s West Garfield Park neighborhood, in the same block where three others, including a 12-year-old boy, had been shot late Friday night.

      • Just before 7 p.m. Saturday, a 21-year-old man was fatally shot while driving on the city’s Northwest Side.

        Police were flagged down in the 3300 block of West Chicago Avenue and discovered a 21-year-old man had been shot in the chest in the 3900 block of West Ferdinand Street. The man was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition but was later pronounced dead.
      Does anyone at NBC even look at a map? Northwest side? It's fact, both homicides were in 011 if we're reading this map correctly. Still, thirty-one shot isn't a bad showing for the last weekend of summer.

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      • A Chicago man has died after he was stabbed by a man who he and several others tried to rob on Friday, officials said.

        Dimitre Beck, of the 7300 block of South Peoria Street, was pronounced dead at 2:46 a.m. Saturday, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office. An autopsy conducted today determined that Beck died of multiple stab wounds at Advocate Christ Medical Center and his death was ruled a homicide, according to the office. The office said he was 21, while police said he was 22.

        According to police, Beck was with a group of people at about 10 p.m. when they approached a male on the 7300 block of South Halsted Street and attempted to rob him, said Chicago Police News Affairs [...]. As Beck and the others began beating the victim who attempted to resist the robbery, Sweeney said. The victim fell to the ground and at that point the victim took out an "edged instrument, possibly a knife" and stabbed Beck before running off, police said.

        The others fled when they saw the weapon, police said.

        Police continue to investigate.
      The article doesn't say the victim stuck around after doing society a service. We certainly hope the focus of the investigation is to present the victim with a Certificate of Achievement, a medal, and a key to the city.


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